Showroom… Where ideas take shape…

Inside the laboratory, a small department has been instituted, where hundreds of embroidery’s samples of a large variety of techniques are exposed. Here our customers can touch the work performed by our team by using different kind of machines like (cornely, paillettes, 2aghi, bernina, ajour, croquettes, etc.) and not only.
The whole showroom infact, gives an idea of how many different types of materials we can embroider, from wood to metal, from plastic to leather, from stones top straw, beside of course any kind of yarns, like wool, silk, viscose, cotton etc. Moreover we have deliberately enriched the company showroom with original embroidered pieces of garments and clothes that come from past collection of Ferre’, Gay Mattiolo, Roccobarocco, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Angelo Marani, Dolce e Gabbana and many others well-known brands in the Italian fashion panorama.
This because this company corner shouldn’t be seen as something static and useless, but as something which can help to have a new inspiration, a new starting point to develop a new collection, as already happened several times. An archive of the most famous Italian collections since the early 90’s, shouldn’t be unnoticed. If it can help our clients to create new forms and new trends, we are more than glad to let it available for our customers.

The showroom is viewable by appointment with Mrs. Laura who will show it explaining the story of each collection.