Our corporate philosophy… Our “Modus Operandi”…

As already briefly mentioned in our corporate history, we should underline the way we collaborate with our customers.
Often in fact, the embroidery laboratory is seen as a place of secondary process, a place where the collection, previously designed by stylists, finds its penultimate working process, almost if it was an accessory.

This way of operating puts the embroidery place in the position of being a ring of limited importance in the creation of a collection. If the embroidery laboratory doesn’t collaborate at the birth and development of a collection, it means that the embroidery itself is very easy to do. The “maison” is consequently inclined to entrust the production of that particular dress or cloth to the cheaper embroydery workroom.
The highlight of Ricami Laura manufacturing process is the close collaboration with fashion companies, with the designers in person or their very closest assistants. Ricami Laura is specialized in creating collections, developing cloths, offers embroidery’s suggestions and solutions to make a cloth original and unique. “Building a cloth” by using the embroidery is a completely different thing than “finishing a cloth” with the embroidery. This is basically what it makes us different from others embroidery factories. This is also a form of “insurance” for us, infact, a cloth designed and created with us, it can be hardly copied or imitated or recreated elsewhere.

Ricami Laura does not gives its work to other embroidery factories. Every piece is processed internally by our staff, in order to assure the same quality level from the first to the last piece of the production that comes after the fashion show. Sometimes it could happen that we ask help to some very close to us external collaborators, this because of the urgency of the manufacturers constantly late in delivering the production to be embroidered.
This is unusual, and it is left principally for simple types of embroidery, easily makeable by other embroidery factories, under our close and constant supervision. Beside, Ricami Laura does not cooperate and doesn’t have partnerships with Chinese/Indian companies or laboratories, whether they are located abroad or in Italy.