Not only Embroidery… Not only Embroiderers…

Working side by side with Mr. Gianfranco Ferre’, we had to dare, to go further, and following his instructions, to overcome all the “obstacles” that each new collection has within. Everything had to be embroidered, and the research for new embroidery materials knew no limits.

Ricami Laura thus, set up an internal department where, through the use of some special machines, the embroidery material can be “created”. So using different composition of yarns, like cotton wool, viscose, or silk we can create cords, ribbons, braids and other materials not available on the market, which gives to the collection a unique and special look. Moreover, if we are asked, by the use of satin, gros grain, ribbon, velvet, organza, chiffon and other materials we can “build” trimmings in size and in some case, we can do it by using the same materials the customer have chosen to embroider his collection.
The never-ending research of perfection of Mr. Ferre’ and the continuous impulse that he gave us to create unique and perfect outfits made Ricami Laura employ in its team of professionals, not only embroiderers, but also dressmakers, designers and pattern makers. We often, if not always, have to create a cloth, a dress starting from simple tulle, or chiffon, or organza, that’s why we need the presence of very high qualified employees in modeling who know how to give the right proportions at the embroidery, to avoid defects during tests on dummy.

Talking about embroidery infact, something important should be emphasized: whatever fabric a cloth is made of, whatever working process is used, the embroidery will always “shorten” or “lengthen” the fabric. Once we have understood how much the fabric will be “distorted” by the process, and if the distortion is in excess or deficiency, the original drowning model shape will also be modified, reduced or increased to make the final result perfect.