Embroidery techniques and machines used …

“Ricami Laura” is specialized in embroidering trough “manomacchina”. Therefore we don’t embroider with multi-head embroidery machines, also called "Barudan". In these machines the design is loaded automatically into the computer and clothes are embroidered in serial.

This type of embroidery is often used to embroider "logos" on shirts, hats, shoes, tracksuits etc. etc. We neither embroider by hands, with needle and thread, technique that is often used abroad for low labor costs. The name “manomacchina” indicates a kind of working process, in which embroidery machines are driven directly by workers In-house the laboratory has twenty employees, each one highly specialized in the use of an embroidery machine.

This allows us to do many different kind of work and to "invent" new embroidery techniques using all kinds of material. We use machines like Cornely, Paillettes, Bernina, 2 Aghi, A-Jour, croquettes and we have special machines for the application of swarovski. Moreover, we have dedicated a department within the company to the creation of embroidery materials not available on the market. Using different composition of yarns, from wool to silk, viscose from the wire, we are able to create beads, cords, braids, ribbons, which are not available on the market, as produced for our customers using the same yarn that they provide us.