Embroidery Samples

Embroidery Samples are the way in which designers wanting a clear idea of embroidery are given precise, almost immediate, responses.

With hand-machine embroidery, there is no need for programmes - everything is practically immediate. The base fabric is identified, whether knit, leather, fabric or tulle, then the material to be used to recreate the designer's idea, and the design is created on tracing paper. These embroidery samples indicate how long the job will take, how much material is needed and how the base fabric will react to the embroidery. Heat and steam tests are run to check that the cut piece does not change shape or size and, if so, where to add or take away.

After these steps, the embroidery sample is given a name and a price and is delivered to the designer with tips on what to change and where, whether in the design, shape, model or material, to make the design more efficient, quick and precise.

Embroidery Samples are carried out within 24/48 hours of a request and are shipped around the world.